Our Mission

We are a non-partisan, public information project. We do not take sides; we tell stories and help keep the public informed both at home and around the world about the federal death penalty and other relevant occurrences.

Our Team

The Federal Death Row Inmates Project is entirely volunteer-powered. The people reading and cataloguing letters, writing to the inmates, maintaining this website and our Facebook and Twitter accounts, communicating with people about our work, and keeping the project moving forward are doing so out of their own personal passions and drives.

We cannot and do not offer legal advice.

Founder: Amanda N. Marino

Volunteer: Emily McConville

Volunteer: Mady Lacefield

Volunteer: Caysey Farmer

Volunteer: Jeremiah Mickey

Volunteer: Lorna Sture

Volunteer: Tom McLaughlin

Volunteer: Sylas Kern

Web Design: Richard Avila

Logo Design: Tom Myers

Volunteer: Shelby Brown (inactive)

Volunteer: Avraham Forrest (inactive)

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